Wednesday, November 2, 2011

happy birthday Sophie

Dear Sophie,

You turned FIVE YEARS OLD today!  I can hardly believe it!!!!  On Monday you commented as we ate lunch together at the counter, like we do most days--  "isn't this nice just you and me Mom..."  With a big smile I agreed.  It is so nice.  I can hardly believe that you aren't a toddler anymore...that you will start school next year.  You are older than Ellie was when I had you.  You have taught me to smile all day, have fun (even if we are doing chores), and to love life (even if it is remind me "at least we can make a snowman").  You work hard...and you say the sweetest prayers.

Just in case you forget....for your birthday you got to sleep in!  You had a quick bite for breakfast (Halloween candy) and then took a long bath.  We got ready.  You picked your outfit.  We did a little shopping.  Went to lunch, your choice, Chipotle.  Your ordered a bean burrito yourself (I did lift you up to the counter) with black beans, white rice, cheese and sour cream.  We picked up cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy (raspberry lemonade for you and Chase, peanut butter chocolate for Kate, grasshopper for Ellie, sweet potato for dad, and salted caramel with chocolate for me.)  Then we met Chase and brought him home to play.  We took everybody for frozen yogurt in your honor and rented movies at the video store.  You came home and played and played.  After your dinner of bean burritos/celery sticks/carrots (your choice again) we sang Happy Birthday and ate the cupcakes!  You loved the gifts you opened~ a horse for your American Girl doll from Dad and I, Sleeping Beauty with her bed and fairies from Kate and Ellie & Pet Shop treasures from Chase.

Not only did you thank all of us for your new remembered them in your prayers too <3 

We love you forever...happy birthday!



Shauna said...

Sophie! I can't believe you're 5!!! Can you believe I remember when you were born!!!! Happy Birthday! I love your new pictures with your mom!!!!

nikki said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Sophie! I cannot believe that you are 5 either! You are a sweetheart and we are glad you had such a wonderful birthday.

nikki said...

That photo is so dang cute, by the way!

Tebbs Family said...

I am so glad she got so many food favorites on her special day--that is what matters most to me!!! Love the pictures AND enjoy the one-on-one time with her because it's extra special with the baby of the family... Glad she had an awesome day! BTW, where is Sweet Tooth Fairy? Those cupcakes flavors sound awesome.

Charla Anne said...

She sounds like a sweetheart! I love the photos of the two of you.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a sweetheart! I love the photos of the two of you.
Charla Anne

Stueller said...

I love these pictures and she has such good taste, I LOVE their raspberry lemonade cupcakes!!!!

sherri said...

Awe, so very sweet. Lovely images, Carin!