Friday, August 27, 2010

she was the age that he is now~

She was baby Owen's age.  Danyelle and I were able to see one another this summer!  I got to meet her sweet baby Owen and see Ryan again.  As we began to visit---I was trying to figure out how old she was when we first met.  I was friends with her sister Tammy in high school.  As we talked, calculated were born what year!?  She was a baby, just like Owen, when I first knew her!  Am I THAT old?  Apparently I am! :)

She has grown up to be a wonderful wife, mother and teacher.  She is beautiful...and so is her sweet family~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 staples, a big bandage and a bag of Starburst

Danny was working late and the girls and I were working pretty efficiently.  We were fed and the kitchen was clean.  All three girls were in their pajamas.  Their teeth were even brushed!  It was almost time for reading on the couch and the girls ran quickly downstairs to get a few more minutes of play and dancing in the basement. 

I hollered down asking if they were about ready to read.  I don't remember what they said.  Minutes later I heard a loud cry.  That is not really uncommon around here, so I wasn't alarmed.  Kate and Ellie came running up calling for me.  Sophie was right behind them with blood in her hands and running down her back.  I picked her up and took her to the sink.  I realized quickly it was coming from the back of her head.  I applied pressure with a towel and Ellie called Danny.  He was on his way.  After a few minutes the bleeding stopped and I started to clean out her hair trying to find the cause of the bleeding.  There it was.  A gash.

"I was jiggling on the thing." was all of the information I could get from Sophie.  Kate filled me in.  Sophie was dancing on top of a large package of paper towels from Costco.  She lost her balance and hit her head on the stone hearth in the basement.  We called Uncle/Doctor Jimmy for advice.  Where should we take her...instacare? emergency room? Primary children's hospital?  He told us to bring her to him.  He had everything he would need at home.

On our way we decided to turn on a movie to keep Sophie awake.  She chose "Little Mermaid."  As we were driving Sophie asked her sisters if Ariel was the oldest sister.  Ellie responded, "No Sophie.  She is the youngest and the 'specialest'."  She continued, "If Dad and Mom were king and queen you would be the 'specialest' princess too."  Kate added, "You are the 'specialest' to me Sophie."  They were so sweet and so worried.

Uncle Jimmy saved the day...7 staples later (yes, staples.), a big bandage, and a bag of Starburst (thanks Michel) later and she is almost as good as new.   I am not sure I will ever be the same.  It is so scary to have your children hurt.  It is amazing how any little worry I held throughout the week vanished---and all I wanted to do was hold her tight.

Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of school

I was really amazed.  Ellie started a brand new school.  She knew one girl she had been in first grade with that would be there.  I was worried about the school feeling unfamiliar.   I thought it might feel overwhelming starting completely over with friends.  Well my worries were put to rest as soon as I saw her after school.  She was confident, happy and LOVED her new school.  What a relief!!!!!!  I love her for being so flexible and brave!  Go Ellie!!

Kate had first grade orientation so I got to spend some time with her at the beginning of her day.  We took a few pictures outside.  Then I asked her how she was feeling.  "Kate are you so excited to go to school for a full day?  You get to eat lunch at school!"  She wanted to do that SO BADLY last year.  Tears spilled over and she hugged me tight.  Apparently she wasn't so sure about her new schedule.  I hugged her for a few minutes and then we went in to class.

As soon as she walked into the school...confidence began showing itself in her stride.  She found her locker, the library, her teacher, desk and friends.  After just a little bit...a huge smile grew on her face and she happily told me "goodbye" when it was time for me to go.  Another huge relief!

When she got home I quizzed her about her lunch.  She ate the special first day of school treats I packed for her and....NOTHING ELSE!  Her carrot sticks, string cheese and sandwich all looked untouched.  She informed me that she did eat inside her sandwich (pb&j).  I told her, "Kate, you need to eat your sandwiches at school."  She replied, "Well if you give me a FatBoy sandwich (ice cream) I will eat that!" 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

what I wish for you~

I love fresh starts.  One of these is the beginning of a school year!  I have so many hopes and wishes for my daughters.  You are all three so different, yet so special in your own ways.  My wishes for you~


I am so proud of you.  I am amazed at your courage.  Your attitude regarding changing schools in third grade is remarkable to me.  You are excited about your new school and new opportunitites.  I am impressed with your sense of adventure and what it is good for you.

I wish for you a year filled with optimism.  I wish for you a desire to learn.  Your teachers are like a treasure box for you.  They are filled with knowledge-- keys to open up doors to your future.  Treat them respectfully.  Look them in the eye.  Speak confidently and always with a listening ear.  They will love you.  The gifts of knowledge they have for you will be treasures in your life.

I wish for you a desire to go beyond the minimum required and reach for more.  Always do your best and you will grow.

If there is ever a lonely day at your new school please remember our faces--- us (your family) and your sweet friends.  Remember that we wish we could be with you.  Remember how much we love you.  When you remember that your heart will feel happy.  A smile will come to your face...which is beautiful.  Keep your smile.


You have a tender heart.  You see beauty all around you.  You love to celebrate and plan...plan parties :)  You are smart and have figured out more than I could have imagined for you in your short six years. 

I wish for you this school year~  opportunities for school to become a place for learning.  I hope that each day you learn something that you didn't know before.  As this happens, a spark will kindle- and you will crave the magic of learning.

I wish for you~ the wisdom (at your very young age) to seek friends that are optimistic, kind and friendly to all.  I wish for you to learn the joy of kindness.  Seeking out someone lonely; sharing a smile and kind words can be the very best part of your own day.  Choose the right and follow the rules for yourself--  but choose being kind over being right with your friends.

Remember, when you are away from home, how much you are loved.  Share the love in your sweet heart with others and you will always be happy.


The other day we were chatting.  It was just the two of us waiting in line at Cafe Rio.  We talked about the upcoming change.  Your sisters will be going to school all day.  Do you remember that last year??  It will be just the two of us all day.  You put your arms around my neck.  You were excited.  You always have a twinkle in your eye. 

You are blessed with such an independent spirit.  One of your first phrases was  "I do it my'sels'!"  It is a joy for me as you learn and grow in your independence. 

For more than a year you have told me that you were going to play voilin when you are four.  I am not sure where it came from.  You frequently pick out the voilin when you hear it in music.  You will be starting your lessons one month before your 4th birthday.  It would have never crossed my mind for you.  We have other instruments in our home.  Yet somehow it feels just right for you.  How did you know?

I wish for you~ joy.  You always find joy in simple and small things.  I wish that for you this year.  Find joy in trying new things.  You are so cute as you listen to your violin cd from your teacher.  You listen everyday---excited and glad for the opportunity. 

The joy you find in small things will help you in everything you do throughout your life.  You will never know how much joy you bring to me in my life.

I love you girls~

happy birthday Sharon~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

goodbye summer

This summer has taught me so much.  It was a summer of reorganization...literally and also mentally and spiritually.  In the literal sense, we redid the flooring in our home.  That project drew within it new trim, doors and paint.  Most of our belongings were packed and we were all displaced within our home for most of the summer. 

I am not drawn to chaos.  So to be living in chaos for these past few months was quite a challenge.  It is amazing how much we packed up that I didn't miss at all.  In fact, there were many boxes that once unpacked I realized I hadn't thought about or needed their contents once through out the summer.  How much of what I have around me is really unnecessary?

Although I will miss the warm summer days and fun at the pool, I am looking forward to September.  I am anxious for schedules and organization.  I am enjoying the process of finding a home for each object I unpack...and the reevaluation process to decide if we really want to keep it.  The summer has inspired the desire to simplify, organize and put in order my home, my schedule and our lives.  Goodbye summer...thank you for what you have taught me :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


 you hustle...
when it's time to run...
to hit a ball
to pick them up
(you won ball pick up today!!!)
to avoid being hit by your instructors when you play "star wars"
to huddle for instruction!

you loved...
early morning on the court
your teachers
learning to hit
gathering the most balls

it has been a struggle to find your favorite sport
soccer...felt intimidating
gymnastics...painful LOVE!

p.s.  i loved the way you were excited to set your alarm clock on Thursday nights this summer.  i loved the smile i found on your face when i picked you up after your lesson.  i loved to see your enthusiasm as you played.  i loved that you wanted to practice when we visited the pool.  i loved that your instructors played fun creative games to teach you effective technique.  i love that you look up to them.  i love tennis outfits!  do you!?  :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I had sent her to off to wash her hands before setting the table...
She headed for the bathroom and climbed up on the counter to turn on the faucet.  (She can't reach.)
Up on the counter she was really close to the mirror.
Something caught her attention.
Had she not remembered seeing them before???

"Mom look what I found!!!" she exclaimed excitedly from the bathroom down the hall!!!
Sure enough...freckles!!!
(They started arriving last year...but the summer sunshine has multiplied them on her nose...and she couldn't have been happier!!!)

She was so excited and giggling...she forgot about setting the table...
Which was just fine by me :)