Thursday, September 18, 2014


Danny was raised on a fruit farm and I was raised with fruit cocktail. 
Just weeks after we were married his sweet grandma brought at least a bushel of peaches to our small one bedroom apartment in the avenues to teach me how to can.  We carried the jars and pots up the flight of stairs to our 2nd story dwelling and worked for hours.
They were delicious---but I learned so much more than canning that day.
Grandma was an inspiration of resourcefulness and respect for God's gifts and creations. 
It was important to feed your family.  It was maybe even more important to care for the resources we have been entrusted with.
Grandma taught me over the following years...the names of beautiful flowers, how to transplant them and even how to cook.  She was giving and sweet.  

Marrying into a fruit farm family---I have learned the sweetness of fruit picked right off the tree.
We serve only fresh fruit...or if we are lucky enough to have home-canned fruit from a family member.  At our back to school "cafeteria fear factor" Sophie's biggest challenge (I have video of her gagging to prove it) was choking down a grape from fruit cocktail.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

70 years

It is not every day that you turn 70!
We decided to make this a special occasion for Mom (known to her grandchildren as Nana).  Annie flew in Saturday morning to help with the festivities and SURPRISE Mom.   She cried tears of joy at the restaurant Saturday night when Annie walked in.  Then she would cry again any time she talked about Annie being here throughout the weekend.  To top that off...Alex flew in Sunday morning.  Mom could hardly believe it when we pulled up with Alex for her family party.

We considered buying her jewelry for her birthday.  Then Annie suggested we resize and repair some of her favorite jewelry that she hasn't been able to wear for years!  We were able to resize two different wedding rings Dad had given her and an antique hand carved gold bracelet she received from her grandmother.  It meant so much more than a new piece of jewelry and we were so happy we could do that for her.

We also collaborated to compile a photo book of pictures throughout her life.  I finished it Wednesday or Thursday SO she couldn't open the real thing.  BUT I was able to create an e-book through Blurb and she LOVED it!

Happy 70th Mom!
We LOVE you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

and now she is ten...

 Everything is more fun with a friend by your side...
especially when your mom insists on taking birthday pictures every year.
We were a few weeks late of your actual birthday...or a few months.
But sunshine, the beautiful mountains, daisy chains and a dear friend made it worth the wait.

Monday, August 18, 2014

little star

K97A9920-2 from Carin Davis on Vimeo.

back to school bash

We had our 2nd annual BACK TO SCHOOL FEAST!
We enjoyed homemade pizza and homemade donuts...
they also did a white-elephant BACK TO SCHOOL gift exchange.

Before we had all of that fun we got down to business with our traditional CAFETERIA FEAR FACTOR.  
See last year's HERE.

Last year I purchased most of it...this year each family brought a few items...and I was SHOCKED to see two or three families brought PIGS FEET!  I saw those last year...and thought NAH...TOO MEAN.  Well apparently, Danny and two other people thought it was just what this party ordered!  EEK.

On the menu:
bloody bandaids (graham cracker with frosting)
fruit cocktail (Sophie almost went down on this...the grape about did her in!)
bologna and mashed potato surprise (lost Ellie on that one)
mashed bananas
green olives
cold refried beans
bloody Mary mix
pepperoni bites (lost Kate here I think...)
canned goats milk
black eyed peas
vienna sausages
siracha sauce
some canned Korean meat???
canned oysters
canned mussels
pigs feet (gasp!)
and last but not least...
BYU mints

Two fearless participants made it to the VERY END...pigs feet...and BYU mints!

Thanks for hosting Ngatuvai family!
 A fantastic start to an ADVENTUROUS SCHOOL YEAR!


Kate lying through her teeth about swallowing "black eyed peas"... she tossed them under her chair...
"Dad what does this taste like?" with pepperoni in hand.  These girls of mine are lightweights!

We have had straight goats milk both years...and participants have said both times that it was the worst tasting item on the menu-
the Lowe boys took it like CHAMPS!