Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a stop along the way

We had the great fortune to be one stop along the way of their across country travels.  My aunt Jossy and her sweet friend Marcia began their adventure in Rhode Island.  They both spend their summers on Hog Island, RI.  As summer ended they jumped in the car and decided to see the country.  Some of the stops they have made are Ohio, Chicago, Iowa, and Colorado.  After their visit here they are on their way to Bryce Canyon, Zions National Park and the Grand Canyon.  Their adventure will be complete when they arrive in Scottsdale, AZ.

Aunt Jossy is my mom's sister.  She and Marcia have been friends since they were very young.  Both of their families spent their summers on Hog Island.  Our families go way back--but this was my first time to meet her.  We have had a delightful time getting to know her.

There are a few stories from Hog Island that will never be forgotten.  One of those stories links Marcia with my grandmother.  Marcia was about 14.  Her little cousin was missing.  The word spread quickly and everyone on the island stopped what they were doing to look for the little boy.  Three hours had gone by and Marcia turned a corner with my grandmother.  She spotted her cousins feet in a rain barrel.  They got the small boy out and my grandmother, a nurse, immediately began to perform CPR.  She tried everything she could to save him.  In fact, Marcia told us her aunt (the boy's mother) had said later of the event, that my grandmother provided the best medical care possible.  Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.  He was gone and my grandmother's heart was broken.  That experience changed my her.  The island, where she had so many happy memories like her engagement to my grandfather, was never the same for her after that. 

Marcia went into the medical profession in her career.  She pursued a strong focus in CPR.  We talked a lot about it while she was here.  I have certified a couple of times.  I asked her, "Will it really com back if I need it?"  The number of compressions, breaths, the order of things...how do you remember when we don't use it?  She promised that it will be there.  15 compressions + 2 breaths was taught for a long time.  Now some experts say just compressions...the important thing is to know at all---to get certified.

Thank you Aunt Jossy and sweet Marcia!  We miss you already!  Someday I will drive across country...headed straight for Hog Island, RI to enjoy a summer of no electricity, kerosene lamps, swimming, card games and good books.  Next summer we hope to fly there (no cross country road trips with my crew!) with the girls and stay for a week.  Thank you for the invitation!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st day of preschool

After signing you up for 3 different preschools and even canceling this preschool and then signing you up again---
(what is wrong with me!?)
you made it!!!!!!
You are an official preschooler!!!!!!

What I want to remember about this day...

You were so excited to get ready and chose the polka dot leggings all by yourself.

When your teacher instructed the class to trace the letters of their name.
You asked the teacher to do yours for you.
Your friend Sarah sweetly offered to do it instead.  :)

You asked me on our way how long I would stay with you...and I almost told you I would stay the whole time
(I really wanted to stay...and I secretly hoped you would hold my hand and never let go).
You were such a big girl and went in excited to start.
As soon as you came out---
you ran to me and gave me a big hug.
We were so happy!

You put your sandals on all by yourself when it was time to come home.
You put them on the least comfortable way,
some might say "the wrong feet."  :)

Your favorite part of preschool was getting to paint your hands for a project.
The first thing you said to me, "Mom, I painted my hands.  Is it ok?"
I found out later that you questioned the teacher, letting her know that your mom wouldn't like you to paint your hands.
My heart melted when she told me.

Ellie, Charlie and I walked you home.  You wanted to hold the leash.
You chose to wear a pin on your dress that Ellie made.  She felt so proud.

After I asked you your favorite part of the day...I asked who you talked to.
"Some of the girls." you responded quickly.
"What about the boys?" I questioned.
"Daddy says not to talk to boys."
His heart melted.

on their way to the oven...

They came from our garden...but really, that is about it!  We were able to harvest lettuce, chard, kale, sugar snap peas and beets.  Our tomatoes, tomatillos, squash and any warm vegetable didn't produce really anything.  The plants are still alive but not producing.  What happened this year!?  Did we lose our green thumbs??? 

We are going to enjoy our beets tonight.  (When I say "we" I mean Danny and I will love them and the girls will moan and groan...until they taste them! :))  I usually boil them but I found some inspiration on stephmodo this morning so I am going to try this tonight.  Did you see the recipe she linked from Epicurious!?  My mouth is watering!  I can't wait!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

it's that time of year again....

We won...
just barely...
in overtime...
we were biting our nails...
and let out a huge sigh of relief when it was over...

It was a late game on a school night...so we just took Sophie.
She loved it...
as long as she had something with sugar in her hands :)