Thursday, January 30, 2014

rise above her ankles

On Tuesday I called the orthodontist to set up an appointment for Ellie's braces.  They had an opening the next day or February 28th.  I chose this Wednesday.  They told me that she would need spacers as soon as possible that I jumped in my car to find her at school.  "Why are you checking me out?" she asked cheerfully.  When I told her she was getting braces her smile grew from ear-to-ear!  It reminded me of my younger days---wanting braces and unwrapping a paperclip hoping it might at least look like a retainer!  (I don't think I was as enthusiastic when I finally did get braces as a junior in high school!)  The spacer installation took minutes so we rushed to her school for next year (JR HIGH) and registered her for classes.  She was confidant with the classes she chose and told me the school felt just right.  As we walked out those doors and to our car I held back a little bit and watched her walk---confidant, happy, and with the hem of her pants trying to rise above her ankles.  I felt a wash of joy and did she grow up so quickly?