Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in Wonderland

Unseasonably warm...
I was insisting on sweaters...but I was a bit overdressed for the temperature!
We haven't been big "trick o' treaters" in the recent years past...
and I loved it!

The girls had the day off of school so we took it easy at home...
getting things like music practice and reading done...with extra time.
It was so nice.
The girls played...first in the playroom and then in the backyard.
The day really was beautiful.
I changed sheets, washed and folded laundry, organized the playroom, read with Ellie, played guitar...

We headed over to a friend's home for dinner and to gather our kids for the evening's adventures.
Her white bean chili was AMAZING!!!!!
The kids were dressed up...excited and LOVED knocking at each door!
Sophie tripped (that long hoop skirt made it tough to keep up with big sisters) after the 6th door and she was DONE!  She wanted nothing more to do with the candy adventure.  I went home with her.  After a bath we snuggled on the couch and read this and this, with an occassional interruption at the door.  She loved handing out candy.

Ellie and Kate continued with our friends through a spooky lane, a few more doors for trick or treating and then a neighborhood spook ally.  Our friend JR was trying to encourage part of the group who were afraid to go through the first time.  He offered a dollar if they would do it.  Kate and Ellie quickly responded, "WE WILL!"  So off they went!  With buckets full of candy and a dollar bill each---"Alice" and the "Madhatter" came home with huge smiles on their faces.  What a wonderful day!

I wish I could have stayed out later with my camera.  There is something magical about a Lensbaby and nighttime light.  It added and eeriness to the pictures that I love.  I wish it would have given me a little less blur on their faces when I took their costume pictures.  At one of the houses...they had a blue light and everything white glowed a radiant blue.  The crescent moon was eerie over the housetops too.


♥Shelley said...

Their costumes are wonderful and I love your artistic take on the typical Halloween photos. Looks like it was an enchanting evening.

sharon said...

Fun...I want all this costumes!