Tuesday, November 29, 2011

changing seasons

left- my boot/ right- her hand

It was so warm today!  Our house seems so quiet after our wonderful weekend of house guests, a wedding and Thanksgiving.  I missed having so many people to talk to.  I had a few deliveries to make around the neighborhood so I asked Sophie if she wanted to join me for a walk.  She grabbed a scooter and we headed out the door.  It was nice to say hello to neighbors, even though brief, and breathe in the fresh air.  There were colorful leaves everywhere we turned.  I appreciated so much the last bits of fall hanging around.  I know the seasons will be changing quickly.  As Sophie sped up in front of me on her scooter I thought of this season I have with her.  We spend time each day on reading...practicing, I always have company to run errands and to shop.  When I had three little girls with me 24/7 I couldn't wait for the day to do all of those things on my own.  Now that I have two in school fulltime I realize how fast each season passes me by.  I will really miss it- just like I miss these colorful leaves in the winter.

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