Sunday, September 4, 2011

sunsetting on our summer

 kate, felicity and sophie
felicity and kate

Summer is fading fast.  
It is already so much cooler in the mornings and evenings.
We decided to squeeze out a bit more of our summer by eating dinner poolside last night with friends.
The water was so cold (73 degrees...brrr) due to a broken boiler---
that the playground, with the last bit of sun left in the evening sky,
was sought out much more than usual.
As I sat visiting across the other side of the pool I noticed the long shadows created on the playground wall by the setting sun.
Is there anything better than children hard at play!?

We are grateful for this three day weekend.
We have been working on several projects that have been on the "to do list" longer than we would like.
We are excited (by that I mean that I am excited and Danny is a long for the ride) about some rearranging of rooms and bedrooms to get a better set up for the girls.
The girls are excited about the playroom we are bringing back!

We hope to fill our evening with visits to grandparents...and even great grandma's home...tonight.
Amidst all of the "labor" going on around here---
we hope to capture as much of the joy of childhood as we can.
Happy Labor Day!

(The color was harsh when I took these with the dark shadows and light of the setting sun-
so I switched to the bw setting of our fujix100 and i liked the result so much better.
Other than minimal cropping on the bottom image these are SOOC- straight out of the camera)


♥Shelley said...

Love these : )

Tebbs Family said...

You always have an eye for the "perfect" picture!

Charla said...

I love shadow pictures and these are amazing!