Friday, September 30, 2011

you say it's yo' birthdays

left: Nana, Great-grandma & Uncle Mike (dying to know who you are sticking your tongue at Uncle Mike)  right: Dede, "brother" Mike & me

There are two special birthdays today!

"Mom."  She became my mother on the day I married her son.  The day before we were married we were talking and she invited me to call her "mom."  It has been an honor to be one of "her kids."  One of my favorite memories of her just happened a few years ago.  She told Danny that she would take the girls...and that Danny and I should spend the day out and together.  We had a wonderful day.  When we pulled up to the house Nana and the girls were coming up the hill.  Nana was pulling the wagon and the girls were riding.  I live on a steep hill---and I don't think I could pull them up that incline!  As they got closer we realized that all of them were in pjs...even Nana.  They had been given baths but begged her for one more trip to the park.  She of course told them "yes," she always does.  We love you Nana.

My brother, Mike.  Dede and I were so excited to have a brother!!!!  My favorite Mike memory was when we lived in Boise, ID near the canal.  Mike was sent to find me.  I rode my bike to a friend's house who lived on the other side of the canal.  As Mike started walking that direction he saw my bike close to the water and I was nowhere to be seen.  He assumed what most 6 year olds would...I drowned.  He gathered some flowers from around the waters edge and threw them in as his final gesture.  (I don't remember why I left my bike there...when I went to Kathy's house...but I am glad I did.)  No one makes me laugh harder than Mike does.  Now he shares his birthday week with his dear wife Annie!  I love that your birthdays are just a day apart!  Love you both.

Happy birthday to two special people...born on the same day...a few years apart :)

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Shauna said...

I think "Nana" is awesome too! She seems she could befriend anyone! Haven't ever met Mike, but I think I would love his spunk!