Thursday, September 29, 2011

i pick you for any adventure

Dear Ellie,

You really made a difference today.  As we pulled away from your school you spotted a friend walking home.  You called out her name and waved out the window happily.  Her face lit up and she asked when you could play.  I remember a time when that would have been very hard for you to do---even when you wanted to.   Do you remember when I would ask you to say "hello" to your friends?

When we were approaching home I talked to you about your afternoon.  You had two fun activities that overlapped and we had committed to both of them.  I explained your options to you. 

1. weekly sewing class with your friends- you REALLY wanted to work on the pillow you are making
2. a dad/daughter date with your church "activity days" group that dad was planning on

Your first thought was sewing...and that you felt it was important to work on your project.  Then on your own you decided being with your dad was more important.  You chose to go with him...and were really happy with your decision.  I was proud of you.  It became the best part of your day.  You especially loved watching your dad win first place in the rope pulling contest.

My favorite part of your day was photographed above.  Your sister had her tonsils out this week.  She had a really rough day.  She had been feeling sad & lonely for company without her normal schedule.  You had a lot of homework to complete in a short time this afternoon.  You included Sophie in your math hunt for lines and angles.  You talked to her so sweetly.  I never asked you to include her---in fact, you had so much going on I almost called her to come to me to free up some of your time.  I am so glad that I didn't.  Thanks for being such a wonderful sister.

Tonight at your book club meeting (phew...see what I mean! a lot in one day!) we talked about From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  It is about a brother and sister who runaway from home for adventure to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  A question was posed to you and your friends- "who would you take with you if you decided to go on an adventure?"  I immediately thought of you- you are adventurous, hard working and a lot of fun.  You love to learn and do new things.  I am grateful that we have the adventure of life together.

I love you,

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