Sunday, September 18, 2011

a quiet Sunday evening...

Danny was out this evening working with the missionaries from our church.  The girls and I had filled the evening with baths, a little hair trimming for Sophie and dominoes.  I needed to finish up the dishes so I asked the girls to get in their pjs and read on the couch.  Sophie grabbed some picture books.  Kate grabbed "Just Grace."  Ellie grabbed #6 in the Sister's Grimm series.  They were so quiet...and it was heaven.  The only thing that could have improved this for me---being on the couch with them,  a book in hand.

I am reading "A Dog's Purpose" through Alicia's encouragement.  I was nervous to read it.  At the end of the summer we found a new home for Charlie (our dog).  He had a miserable summer due to our busy schedules.  He was always home with a roof over his, water and a dog door...and we were out...a lot.  As the summer went on he showed more and more displeasure.  We tried to increase his walks, have a scheduled play time each day and a more predictable routine for him.  He would do great if we stayed home.  Charlie loves adults and is such a great companion...but he wasn't a huge fan of younger kids...this home is filled with them on a regular basis.  We received some advice from several trainers...his personality wasn't the right fit.  :(  I know now there are different things to look for when you choose a dog for your family and we didn't go about it the right way.

The good news:  Charlie LOVES his new home.  He lives out in the country.  He is a house dog, like he was here...but the cute couple that have him now...are always home---and when they "go to town" Charlie sits between them on the front seat.  He is happy.


Tebbs Family said...

If you believe what you read, Charlie IS happy and appreciates you thinking about what is best for HIM... :p I also noticed your cute family (w/Danny) taking a walk yesterday too. Sounds like the perfect Sunday!

peewee said...

Um. I HAPPEN to have the PERFECT dog for you! :)