Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What does UEA stand for anyway???

I know we get a few days off of school and our regular schedule!
I LOVE that!!

Our friends, the Lowe's, invited all of us (even Charlie!) up to their favorite spot in the mountains!
It is our new favorite spot too!!!  We played outside ALL DAY LONG!
My girls are new fans of 4-wheelers.  They have one just their size...and I am afraid they were a bit "hogish."  Sorry 'bout that boys.  :)

What a beautiful spot in the world that is yours.  We loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
Thank you for being our kind, generous, wonderful friends!

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Tebbs Family said...

How fun for your families! It does look beautiful!!! I'm not a big fan of big machines but the rest of my family sure loves them and looks forward to the times we rent them in St. George...