Wednesday, October 13, 2010

say say oh playmate...

"Sophie did you know that Halloween isn't real!?"

The girls are apart now for the majority of the day.  They are all three at different schools, Sophie just in preschool.  There were play dates and music lessons that separated them longer today.  By 5:45 we were all under one roof---even Danny!

Once together---there were games of make believe-

  • Ellie and Kate making secret potions with ashes from the firepit, twigs and branches.
  • Kate telling Sophie "Halloween isn't real."  (If only that was true...hehe!)
  • Sophie was the dance teacher and Kate and Ellie followed her performance.

They mixed in a little toy trading, swinging, and wagon riding/pulling too.  We finished the day off with a little Nancy Drew and "The Hidden Staircase" while huddled on the couch.  I wonder what the next few days will bring.  We have several days off for Fall Break!  I can't wait!  I hope I remember to take pictures along the way.  I have been terrible!


Misty said...

I love how you captured the moment and their facial expressions! What an adorable picture!

Candi said...

Very Cute!!!!I miss your girls and you!

Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute I can hardly stand it!Their expressions are priceless!

Shauna Rae said...

I've missed checking in!!! Everything looks beautiful .... one of my favorite blogs EVER!!!!

Bob Miller said...

I love all the pictures!