Saturday, October 30, 2010


Kate's dance company participated in a Halloween party on Saturday.
As part of the party, they learned the Thriller dance.
After the party was over they danced on the street!
I think the "bloody dance partners" were a little bit distracting for her.
She had so much fun!
And we had fun seeing them all!

Katherine (aka red riding hood) I LOVE your expression (above)!
Thanks for being so good to Kate!
I also LOVE your costume!
Steph are you available to make my girl's costumes next year!?  ;)
Sewing lessons---maybe :)!

Thank you to our family who joined us there!!!!
Great Grandma, Papa, Grandma Sally, Amanda, Randy & cute crew, Paul, Lilly & Sage!

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Annie Miller said...

Great costumes ladies!!!! Love you!