Thursday, July 5, 2012

independence day

Independence day (I have said this before) is my favorite holiday!
Yes...even more than Christmas!!!!!
NO stress...beautiful weather...celebrating with the community...flags flying....!!!!!
We had a few family members call to ask if we were going to the fireworks (July 3rd)...YES!!!
A few of us went to dinner (Cafe Rio + Yogurtland seemed like a better idea than grilling this year) before we headed to the golf course.
Dede beat us to the field...and saved some great spots!
The kids rolled, ran and played as we waited for the fireworks to start.
Normally I avoid large crowds at all costs...but the 4th of July is different---
I love seeing throngs of people united in celebration of this country we love!

 On the 4th a few of us went over to an early breakfast at the church...
we spent the afternoon at the pool...
gathered in Park City @ Amanda's for a bbq in the evening...
and then we finished off the night at the rodeo (a first for us).

What a wonderful...beautiful land we live in!
I feel blessed to be a citizen of the United States of America.
We are rewatching the HBO series John Adams this month!
I bought a biography to start next book!
I have been listening to Battle Hymn of the Republic from this album on repeat for two days!
I also finished gathering the documentation I need for my DAR application this month!


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