Friday, July 6, 2012

at a moments notice....

On Thursday Aunt Jossy called.  She had been in town attending a family reunion with her boys (who are no longer boys...but men).  She had been going non-stop with activities.  Her last day in UT slowed down tremendously.  She and Jocelyn (her grand-daughter) were at Skip's with out a car (Skip & Cindy were at work).  It was a rainy day (yay!!!!!!!  we need rain!!!!) and they invited us to join them.  We visited for a bit and then Jossy asked if we could take a drive...anywhere...for about an hour.  One thing I LOVE about Aunt Jossy---she doesn't sit still.  She loves to go, do, learn, create!  I asked her if she had ever been to Antelope Island.  She hadn't.  We got into the car.

The drive felt like 15 minutes.  Once we got there Aunt Jossy immediately noticed the color...several greens in the vegetation, beautiful birds and gorgeous color.  The color on the ground seemed much more vibrant against the muted overcast sky.  It was a beauty I may not have noticed had she not been with me.  As soon as we let the girls out of the car they went straight for the water!  As we got closer to the salty water...brine flies/gnats were every where...Ellie just kept going...walking...hiking her shorts up a bit higher.  Sophie was NOT entertained by the smell and bugs at all...and Kate was caught between them...not knowing if she should follow Ellie or stay back with Sophie.  Jocelyn and Sophie finally decided to brave the bugs and water and keep going.

I had been there a few times, but on this day I noticed the never-ending lake that's water extends in two directions as far as my eye could see.  Being overcast made it PERFECT for photographs.  The next heavily overcast day...I will stop at a moments notice to head right back out to the bugs, brine shrimp, sand...and beautiful hues of green.


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

carin! these pictures are fantastic!
love the feeling of them.

Shauna said...

Fun and creative!