Monday, July 2, 2012


summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people.
As I read these words...and watched the beautiful film...
(I could watch it over and over again.)
I am reminded of how much I love these short summer months.
I need to remember to seek out more quiet...
say less ---  and love more
learn and observe
ask more questions
find quiet time to read, learn and ponder.
My favorite moments today were quiet moments---
working in the garden in the soft morning light
straightening a few things while my girls were still sound asleep
being immersed in a book by Ellie's side as she read too
turning around at the end of the day to capture one more image before the sun set...


Misty said...

Inspirational words and beautiful pictures. This was going to be the summer that I was going to have peace and quiet and lazy, happy days in the sun with my kids.  It's already July and we've been busier than ever. I'm begging...slow down summer, slow down!

Danny said...

My sweet Carin this is for sure how you treat me. You make my load light and my heart full and running over with Love.
I love you so my sweet and thank My Heavenly Father every day for sending you to me. XXO

Danny said...

My sweet Carin this quote is you in a nut shell. You are the sweetest and most lovely woman ever. I thank my Heavenly Father for sending you to me everyday. I love you so.