Sunday, June 24, 2012

running to the sprinklers

Quiet weekends that finish busy weeks are my absolute favorite weekends!
Kate and I attended a Suzuki Institute ALL week.
Danny, Ellie and Sophie finished their week with an ALL DAY (open to close) adventure at Lagoon!
By Saturday morning we were all exhausted!

Our weekend recap:
breakfast at your leisure
the girls each practiced their instruments with me
after picking up their rooms + reading
Ellie and Kate headed to "clay class"
(our adorable neighbor Bethany, at Kathryn's request, put together this amazing clay class!  the girls made long necklaces with beautiful birds on the end from their own sculpting!  they were thrilled!)
Sophie and Danny headed to Costco
I grabbed my book and took a nap
Ellie headed to a friend's house
Kate and Sophie watched Allison in Wonderland
I finally showered
we all loaded up in the car and went tile shopping
we found the most perfect-i knew as soon as i saw it-very reasonably priced tile at our first stop!
(remodeling the downstairs bathroom)
picked up Danny's new golf clubs
(he bought a new set that he could have lengthened!)
took the girls to Spagetti Factory
went to Amanda's for dessert and to see Rob+Whitney+Lyla Bird!!!

got ready for church
Danny and I had off-setting meetings
attended church
(loved it)
came home and everyone in this house read or napped quietly for 1.5 hours!!!!!!
made dinner together
(egg-rolls, rice & stir-fry veggies)
ate out on the deck
attended to the garden
(thinned carrots, picked strawberries & picked peas)
note:  the deer are leaving our strawberries alone thanks to these solar powered.detect mvmt.annoying animal sound contraptions!!!!!  THANK YOU JARI!!!!!

after dinner we decided to head out for a walk
(yes...Sophie was in pj pants)
we ran into friends (Shawn + Lindsay) with the same idea---and walked and visited with them
the girls rolled down the grassy hill to see who could reach the bottom first 
they ran to the sprinklers on the golf course as the sun was setting
we returned back home for more homemade ice cream
and our friends endured a few songs we performed for them.

I wanted the weekend to last forever!


Tebbs Family said...

It's days/weekends like that to remind us what full, privileged and beautiful lives we truly have...

Alison said...

Now, that's an AWESOME weekend!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

those are the cutest carrots i've ever seen.

your pictures and words are always.