Thursday, June 28, 2012

ISSI- year one

Intermountain Suzuki String Institute

It was our first year attending...and I hope we go back every year!
There were instructors and students from all over the country and even outside the country (I heard Argentina, Singapore, and Australia mentioned).  It made my 30 minute drive seem like a piece of cake!

Kate and I were able to attend Monday through Friday most of the day and we learned SO much.  (Ellie and Sophie aren't learning music in a traditional Suzuki approach.)  Our friends Jenna and Heather carpooled with us.  Fortunately, Jenna and Kate had most of their classes together!  It was so nice to have friends with us through out the day!

Kate's classes included:
cello repertoire  (Rodney Farrar)
cello technique  (Margaret Lewis)
art class
mastery class  (Mary Walters)
ear tuning

The cello specific classes were our very favorite!  The cello concert was a highlight!  Kate worked hard and learned so much.  We both felt lucky to be there!!!!!

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Tebbs Family said...

That is awesome!!! Kate and her cello are a perfect fit! Love the photo of Jenna and Kate on the grass :)