Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"Mom school" began today!  I am really excited about it.  The girls were NOT until we actually had it.  They loved it (we are only one day in)!  We'll see how it goes...I have high hopes.

Our first activity was a journal entry.  We answered this question (that I found here):  What was the most humiliating experience of your life?  Write a short, possibly funny, description of it.

Kate (pictured above):  June 5th 2012  "My most [humiliating] thing is. [When] I had to put on a [funky] hat on and say my favorite color i[n] Spanish.  Kate D"

Ellie:  "One day I was swimming and I threw up.  It was sad. :("
(She had thrown up in the pool (a few years ago).  They had to close it.  A large group of Junior High cheerleaders had just shown up for a party.  Poor Ellie.)

Mine:  "My most embarrassing moment happened in 3rd grade.  I was living in Thatcher, AZ.  Thatcher was such a small town I am not sure if it even had a stop light back then.  I was a student in Mrs. White's class.  I had just come in from recess and felt an urgent need to go to the bathroom.  I nervously approached Mrs. White's desk.

As I remember, she had a sweet but serious disposition.  Due to frustration over her students choosing class time instead of recess time to "use the facilities" she said "no" and reminded me that recess is a better time to go to the bathroom.  I was sent back to my seat.  Not much later, I was called to the chalk board to complete a math problem.  I still needed to go---badly!  I nervously approached the board.  How could I concentrate on a math problem when where I really needed to be most desperately was the bathroom?  Standing at the board, in front of the whole class, my bladder gave way.  I peed my pants in front of the whole class.  It was 33 years ago and I don't think I will ever forget it!"

I LOVED reading their thoughts...and how different all of our answers were!  Sophie was working on handwriting.  She wanted to copy our new "mom school" rules.  Next time I will help her write down her journal answer.


Shauna said...

You seriously did??! Oh, you poor thing!! You're such a good mom in so many ways! Good luck with school! :)

Tebbs Family said...

Mom/Summer/Home school is the best! I "made" my kids do it through Jr. High. Grayson was balking a bit this year because the other kids don't have to do it anymore... until I found middle school online vocabulary tests and activities that he actually prefers over reading a book. Have fun! (p.s. we always did a field trip on Fridays which gave them something to look forward to if they were successful with their "school" during the week)