Sunday, October 30, 2011

that's what makes me smile

Ellie brought home a stack of graded school work that her teacher returned to her.  As I leafed my way through it I found this gem...

What Makes Me Smile
by Ellie Davis

The sound of the piano when I hit the key, the feeling of a book when I turn the page- that's what makes me smile.  

The sound of a pencil scrapping against paper, the sound of water splash when you dive in- that's what makes me smile.  

Grass in my feet, wind in my face, that's what makes me smile.

When I hear the sound of the bell ring I am excited for school to start, when I walk outside and see my friends, I'm excited to play with them- that's what makes me smile.


Shauna said...

YES! A gem for sure!!!

Alison said...

That makes me smile too!

And I'm going to have to try that soup recipe.