Friday, October 14, 2011

a note for the tooth fairy~

It was her first loose tooth!!!!
(lost naturally anyway...there was that one the dentist pulled...oops)
On Thursday night Sharon was here and I showed her Kate's loose tooth.
Danny is the "tooth puller" for all of our nieces and nephews...but not his girls.
They wont let him near the wiggly pearly whites.
 I pointed out that her new tooth was growing behind the tooth that was finally loose.

Sharon decided that it was time.
She grabbed a long tootsie roll from her purse.
She handed it to Kate under the condition that she bite and chew every bite on her loose tooth.

Sure enough, once the tootsie roll was finished it was REALLY loose.
Sophie, Ellie and I tried to distract her...Danny stood close by with a clean dry hankie...
and Sharon grabbed a hold of it------

She lost her first wiggly tooth!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Aunt Sharon!!!!!!!!!!
When it was time for bed we placed the tooth in a little "doll tooth fairy" that holds the tooth in a little pouch.  She carried it to her room so carefully.  She has been waiting for the tooth fairy FOR YEARS now.  She was NOT going to mess this up.  Before she placed it under her pillow she wanted to take one last final peek at her lost tooth.  It was gone.  She noticed a small hole at the bottom of the pouch.  She was DEVASTATED!

We looked and looked.  We retraced her steps.  No tooth.  To console her I suggested she write a note and leave it in the pouch.  I was sure the tooth fairy would understand.

She found the tiniest paper I have ever seen and wrote a note:

"I dropped my tooth down the stairs. Can you look for it?"
The tooth fairy understood and left two dollars.


Annie Miller said...

Way to go Kate!

Shauna said...

Oh! THANK HEAVENS the tooth fairy understood! ;)

nikki said...

Too cute!!!

sharon said...

We are almost ready for round two!!!

Kendall said...

This is so cute!

sherri said...

Love the toothless grin, and of course the note. We do a lot of writing to the tooth fairy in our home. :)