Saturday, January 1, 2011

a new year

Next to Halloween, New Years Eve is my least favorite holiday.  I have to say that ringing in 2011 was my favorite New Years to date!!  Danny and I traveled to NYC for a few days.  We were there for Rob & Whitney's wedding.  What a fun city to enjoy the holiday!  We stayed away from Time Square and rang in the new year on the Brooklyn Bridge!  I LOVED IT!  The weather was comfortable, the people- enthusiastic, and the sights spectacular! 

Although the holiday itself isn't usually my favorite...I do love the new year and new goals!
My 2011 I hope will be the best yet!  My new resolutions:

family meal time:  
We are pretty good at this but I can do better!  I am going to plan weekly menus again.  This was so fun for me I am going to try again.  I will try to post them here too!   I hope to utilize a few of the cookbooks I love to collect and try one new recipe a week!

for health and $:  
Eat out no more than once a week....this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

early to bed:
early to bed (10 p.m.) early to rise (5:00 a.m.)
This is completely against my nature...but I know of it's usefulness!
I am going to try...REALLY REALLY HARD!

I love music...but especially the homegrown variety!  I am going to start guitar lessons again (my first lesson is Monday!) and I couldn't be more excited about my new guitar teacher!!!!!!!  I also want to learn to sing harmony/alto.  This is a weakness for me.  My vocal range is more comfortable as an alto but I only hear the melody.  My mom is really good at it.  She told me she learned in the church choir.  That's where I am headed this year---church choir, alto section!  Wish me (or them) luck!

Do you know that Danny writes in his journal every night?  With out fail.  Even on vacation.  There is something wonderful about slowing down and writing in a journal.  I am dedicated.  I am going to do it.  Every night.  With out fail.  Even on vacation.  (gulp...that was hard to type)

i love you rituals:  
I love this book.  Have you read it?  As humans we need physical contact.  I will give my girls foot rubs on the couch as we chat and read.  I will give Danny more back rubs.   I have small hands...and I am not very strong...but it is nice and the scales have been tipped in my favor for too long.  :)   Taking time to sit and talk and give time to those I love~  It is nice.

That's it!  Those are my goals! 
Thanks Rob, Whitney, Tyler, John and Blakely! 
Danny and I couldn't have enjoyed a more delightful New Years anywhere!
We will always remember the walk on the bridge with wonderful people!
A few more pictures:


Susie said...

Carin! I've missed you (even though I don't know you!). Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Monique said...

such sweet perfect goals!

heather said...

Happy New Year! Now I have the right blog address for you! :)

Shauna Rae said...

LOVE! I hope when you're feeling better you'll show us more! Happy New Year!

~Lisa said...

Carin- I love this! My friend Blakely is in your picture and she's so much fun to be with! We were talking about the plans for the wedding you just went to a little bit before classes ended. I wondered how it turned out and I guess I now know. This world is small after all. Glad you had an amazing new years! I love NYC.

Jess said...

I have missed you. I have been to busy to check in on anyone. Its good to check in. I will check back often. And we should hang the spring I will come visit ya.

Whitney said...

Love all of these pictures and cant wait to see the rest! So thankful for you guys and so glad we were able to celebrate the new year with you both. Love you!

andreaKphotography said...

Looks like a really fun New Year! Love the bridge pictures, it would be so amazing to be in New York at New Years...or really anytime. I love New York :)
Your resolutions inspire me. I am hoping to do some of the same. Happy New Year!!

Michel (Yo Mama) said...

Yay for doable resolutions!!1 I've already ditched most of mine ... hmmm. I should research first.

Annie Miller said...

so pretty!

ag said...

What a handsome photos and cherished memories! I love everything about these pictures, the people who are in them most especially.

Cristi said...

great post! and pics!

John and Blakes said...

I am so glad to see you on Whitney's blog. Your pictures are wonderful! We had such a great time with you guys. You and Danny are the best! Thanks for such a good time. Can't wait to see the pictures from the beautiful wedding.

P.s. Your girls are DARLING!