Sunday, January 23, 2011

my favorites~

My favorite things:
  • Danny walking in the door after being gone THE WHOLE WEEK!  He was in New Orleans from Sunday morning to the following Saturday evening.  That was too long!

  • I enjoyed cooking a few things...but ate leftovers and In-n-Out the other nights.  The few things I made:

pizza with fresh mozzarella and spinach
black bean enchiladas with corn
(enchiladas: red sauce, yellow corn tortillas, black beans, & med. sharp cheddar corn:sauteed with olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, sea salt & a quick dash of chili powder)
potato soup with grilled asparagus (I could eat grilled asparagus every day.)
(Danny's grandma's soup: 7 boullion cubes, 1/2 onion chopped finely, butter, flour, 7 potatoes, 7 cups of water, half & half  asparagus:recipe here)

  • practicing for guitar lessons again-I pushed myself SO MUCH more than I would have on my own.  It was great for my girls to see me push through it too...they aren't the only ones tortured with difficult things to learn.
  • Grandma's 89th birthday celebration!  YAY!
  • thanks to Kelly I have been eating A LOT more raw fruits and vegetables...especially salads for lunch and an apple for a snack!  Thanks Kelly!!!!  Your meeting was great!
  • my girl's coming home on Wednesday, so excited about what they had learned about Martin Luther King.  I was happy that they knew about Rosa Parks...and Ellie told Kate about Harriet Tubman because of a book she previously read.  It warmed my heart!

  • the book we are reading together on the couch.
  • eating sushi at the Happy Sumo with people we love!
  • this new work out video...ummm I had to walk very slowly for two days (I was so sore!) after my first workout but now I am rocking it!   (I shouldn't have started with 5lb. weights on my first day)

  • $19 pants I found at Anthropologie!  They are so comfortable and I LOVE THEM!  I bought a dress too---that wasn't $19. :)
  • sitting with Sophie (who is a newly turned four year old) at church yesterday...I told her how much I loved her bright eyes and her cheerful smile...and she responded, "I know.  That boy was staring at me." "that boy" is FOURTEEN and wasn't staring at her!
  • that I picked up my camera this week...and my girls wanted me to :)


Shauna Rae said...

You did it .... you made it a whole week without Danny! I thought of you a lot! LoVe the new pictures of the girls!!!

Cristi said...

Aww! Very cool to see the little things you do in your day to day.

peewee said...

I can't believe how big Sophie is! I did a double take at that first pic!

Bob Miller said...

The pictures are wonderful. The one of Ellie is over the top!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your list:)
Beautiful pictures of your girls!

Rachel Pierce said...

I loved reading your favorites list. And I'm totally going to try out that Jillian video- this prego chub needs to come off fast! :) Thanks for the referral!

robin said...

I've so missed seeing your beautiful pictures. I'm glad to see that you are back to blogging. Your pictures are inspiring to me.