Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I remember receiving new pajamas every Christmas Eve.
I also remember my mom making my sister Dede and I nightgowns to match our dolls for Christmas.
My girls wanted dolls for Christmas this year.
I thought it would be SO FUN to make them nightgown with little matching nightgowns for their dolls.
Well, it just the thought of the project started to feel overwhelming for me.
My friend Mi'Chelle stepped in...

They are so beautiful
My pictures don't do them justice!
The girls love them...
and so do Julie, Kit and Lizzie!
THANK YOU Mi'Chelle!!!!!!!


Tebbs Family said...

Darling, darling PJs! And they can wear them all year! Lucky you to get Mi'Chele to save the day... I need a Mi'Chele in my life!

Connie Miller said...

Love the nightgowns and the "tradition". How proud the girls are of their dolls matching gowns.

peewee said...

SOOOOO cute!!!