Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday on the couch

You sat down and talked.
I was on the couch reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.
You said, "The book I am reading made me cry.  Charlie cried too."
You have been reading "Meet Addy."  
It is a book from the American Girl series.
It came in a set with a doll.  
I love that you chose Addy out of all of the other historical dolls that were available that day.
She is an African American character fighting for freedom with her family to escape slavery.

You talked and talked and talked,
sharing every detail you remembered of what you have read so far.
You love the book~
and I love that you care, that you were reading to Charlie, that you cried and that you shared it with me.


Connie Miller said...

Oh, I love you both so much! This made me cry as well.

Michel (Yo Mama) said...

Is there anything better than a book? I love when I see someone "get it" ... There's nothing like your own minds interpretation of words. That's why I hate watching movies that have been made from books ... they just ruin my vision. Ellie bug is super cute.

Anonymous said...

Aww how cute!
I read the American Girl books to my kids and we loved them. Our favorite was the Addy series.

Yanyan said...

What a beautiful and tender post! I was moved by your 'I love that you care'