Friday, December 17, 2010

her majesty

There is a rule that we have in our house...
that Danny and I are able enforce as well as any other rule (not very well).

we only eat in the kitchen...or dining room

I walked down the hall to help Sophie get ready for the day,
I had just heard her stirring.
There she was.
In bed.
With a bowl of oatmeal and a spoon in her hand.

Kate came up quickly.
"Mom, she was really hungry and didn't want to leave her bed for breakfast."
she said in an empathetic and compassionate voice.
What a sweet sister...spoiling lil' Sophie.
They are all so lucky to have each other. 


Alison said...

And you have a dog too, who can clean up any mess! Well, any food related one :)

Thank you so much for the Christmas card. We LOVED it! (AS USUAL)
Just like opening a gift.

One of these years, I'll surprise you (and me) and send out some holiday cards :)

You are beautiful, your family is beautiful, your blog is beautiful, your Christmas cards are beautiful.

Have a VERY, MERRY Christmas!


Shauna Rae said...

What a sweet and thoughtful big sister Sophie has! Oatmeal in bed ..... what a TREAT!

Anonymous said...

This made me smile! So sweet!

Rachel Pierce said...

I LOVE how instead of getting angry at the rule infraction, you realized how kind her sister was being! That's such a good example to me, Karen. Thanks for sharing :)