Thursday, December 2, 2010

sent to the classroom without recess- or NOT

A few months ago, my friend John shared a post on Google Buzz.  The picture was interesting...and then I read the contents.  I thought I might be sick.  (If you like chicken nuggets and want to keep eating them...DO NOT PROCEED!)  See info here if you are brave.  My girls and I enjoy nutrition conversations I decided to show them.  I read a few details...and now they know what chicken nuggets are made of.  What has come from this added knowledge?  TROUBLE!

A few weeks later....Sophie was at preschool.  Her teacher asked what she was thankful for.  She wrote each item on a construction paper feather to complete an adorable turkey.  One of Sophie's items was "chicken" (which she will never eat by the way) and then she added "BUT NOT CHICKEN NUGGETS!"  Her teacher (we love you Brittany) wrote the whole thing down...and I thought it was really funny.

Kate came home from school yesterday, happy about the day!  She was relating her day to me and then remembered---lunchtime.  She told me she was sitting in the cafeteria with friends.  One of the boys was eating a chicken patty sandwich from the cafeteria.  Kate informed him matter-of-factly, "There are chicken eyeballs in your sandwich."  Kate described the rest of the conversation this way---

(now a few of Kate's friends chime in with her...)
The boy proceeded to threaten telling the lunch duty.
He did.
Kate got sent to the classroom.
No recess.

She was trying to save the poor boy!  :)  Wouldn't you want to know if you were eating chicken eyeballs!?

Danny's advice- ignorance is bliss.

UPDATE:  This story was fabricated.   At the dinner table tonight she "fessed up."  Kate DID have this discussion with a classmate.  He DID tell on her.  HOWEVER she DID NOT get sent back to her classroom.  I guess the story was much better in her mind...with a few extra dramatics.  Oh NO!  What are we in for!?

picture Kate with homemade play dough, originally taken Dec. 2009


Shauna Rae said...

Oh!! No recess?!!! That's just not right! Certainly that teacher would have wanted to know if SHE was eating eyeballs!

Tebbs Family said...

Hilarious! I'm sure glad I don't eat chicken nuggets!!! And I'm actually looking forward to your great stories about what "you're in for!..."