Tuesday, November 2, 2010

fancy and four

"What should I write about Sophie's birthday?"  I asked your dad.  
"That she couldn't be any cuter if she tried!" he replied (adoringly).

We had such a fun day with you!
It began with your birthday breakfast.  
You chose:  cinnamon rolls (I added scrambled eggs and fresh fruit)
We opened presents:  a Fancy Nancy doll with her dog Frenchy from your dad and I & a FurReal kitty from your sisters

We went to your violin lesson...and it was so much fun!
Your teacher said you were ready to buy your real violin!!!!  
(You have been using a little box!)
We drove straight to the music store.
It is SO cute and tiny!

We grabbed a quick lunch (you wanted Nielsen's).
Then doughnuts for a treat to share at preschool.
Miss Brittany (your sweet teacher) gave you a 4 beautiful balloons with a bag of gumballs.
It made your day!

You wanted homemade macaroni and cheese for your dinner.
You put on an apron and took all of our orders. :)

(blowing kisses - your idea)

You are precious in every way.
You make us SO HAPPY!
I am honestly a little bit crushed when I think of my baby being four years old...
and then I see your face and the delight you feel as you learn and grown....
and I feel joy.

Thank you Mike and Annie for the beautiful necklace~  she felt extra fancy!


Stueller said...

She is so cute :) Happy birthday little one!

carol said...

Its true...she couldn't possibly be any cuter! And the photos are perfectly sweet.

Bob Miller said...

Can't wait to celebrate her BD this weekend!

Tebbs Family said...

Sounds like the PERFECT birthday! I miss cute Sophie and our monthly visits...

Annie Miller said...

Yay! It looks so cute on her!!! Happy Birthday Miss Sophie!

Shauna Rae said...

Beautiful pictures of your 4 year old! I can't believe it either!!!!

peewee said...

I totally saw the pic and was all "Kate is so cute being 4!"

I think my heart fell out when I read it's Sophie! NOOOOOOOOOO! That is simply not possible!



Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Sophie,
Ellie, Emma and I are just dying over your cuteness!!! Have a super-fabulous year!
Love, Lauren, Ellie & Emma Moulton

mandy said...

Oh my, Happy birthday to your sweet Sophie! these are wonderful. I'm in love with her little cottage room.

Mandy Lynne

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your little doll! These pictures are gorgeous and her room is absolutely beautiful! I love all that white:)

nikki said...

It's true, she couldn't be any cuter if she tried. Carin, she looks like you in so many of these photos. Darling as usual.

*J*E*N* said...

Happy Birthday cute, sassy Soph! Sounds like a wonderful day... what a fabulous mommy you have:)

Candi said...

Happy 4th Birthday Sophie! We miss seeing you and your mom every week! Maybe we can have you over to play with B next week? Carin it is sad to think about them growing up I cry a lot thinking about it! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Faith said...

SO adorable :) 4 is SUCH an awesome age!!

dede said...

Can't believe I just saw these!!!! SOOOO cute! I love Sophie!