Friday, November 19, 2010

the best friends in the world...

I have the best friends in the world.
I am not sure what I have ever done to deserve it.
This month I had friends....
  • who stopped everything they were doing to help me
  • who picked up the capes that I was making for a party to put letters on them
  • friends who need to visit (from out of state) so we can go to Chipotle and Zinn Bistro :)
  • who called, knowing I had a busy day, to see if Sophie could play
  • who made GORGEOUS accessories for our outfits for pictures
  • who made me laugh as we sat at dinner to celebrate a new baby for a friend
  • who takes my pictures every fall for my holiday ornaments/cards
  • who, at a moments notice, made time to take my pictures because of the storm wrecking my plans
  • who know me and just listen
  • who are coming from out of state for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
  • who call me when they need something, or are having a bad day...
  • or just need to talk and cry.

I am SO grateful for these friends...
I count them among my greatest treasures. I treasure us.
Thank you Shauna for the pictures...I LOVE THEM!
 Thank you for thinking of this chair.
It was perfect!
You were a lifesaver today!!!!!


Shauna Rae said...

WOOHOO! How GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL your family is! I loved how you all looked ... picture perfect! And the yellow chair? It was meant to be! Oh, and one more thing ..... Carin you look stunning and I love your sweater down!!! Love you guys so much! xo

Carin said...

Your thankful heart makes my hear even fuller.
Thanks to you our sweet girls are so loving and well rounded.
I love you so.

Tebbs Family said...

GORGEOUS family!!! I LOVE the colors you're all wearing and the yellow chair is the perfect add... We neighbors of yours are lucky and blessed to have YOU!

peewee said...


I think my favorite thing about the holidays is just your family pic!!! And Carin, I sometimes can't believe that after ALL! these! years! that I am lucky enough to have u and dede and well, your whole family, in my life :)

peewee said...

AWWW :) Don't u worry....I am just trying to pick the right date :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of your lovely family! I love your outfits. The colors are so pretty!

mandy said...

How stylish & beautiful!
I hope you your family has a wonderful Christmas season!

Mandy Lynne

dede said...

love the picture!!! Perfect colors and location and family!! (and peewee...whats with all the mush???)