Thursday, November 8, 2012

his fall

On November 7th my father-in-law was installing a light panel in what we "lovingly" call the "shed."   This is his life's work place.  He was standing in a wooden bin (see right) on top of his forklift (see left).  He was lifted approximately 20 feet in the air.  He had a terrible fall (which details aren't clear).  He fell those steep 20 feet and landed on the cement floor while hitting other debris on his way down.

His accident has caused broken bones in two legs, one arm, one wrist, rib, patella and possibly his hand and an ankle.  He also had serious injuries to his face, teeth, cheek and mouth.  Thanks to our good friend Shane + Danny's sister Michel---he went straight to the hospital via ambulance.

He is doing amazingly well considering the distance of his fall.  The medical staff said today that it was as though he fell so much closer to ground level...not 20 feet...they joked that "somebody must have carried him down."  I am not sure Papa feels like he was carried down.  But he did pull through his first surgery well.  Today in fact, the trauma ER floor was talking about how he took the suctioning tube from the nurse as they were treating him and suctioned his own mouth when he first arrived at the hospital. 

His next surgery is tomorrow...his femur plate and another plate in his wrist.  He has a long road to recovery ahead of him---but he is strong and surrounded by many people who love him...a few extra prayers wouldn't hurt.  xo


Renee said...

Oh, how scary! We will keep your family in our prayers for sure! xo

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about this. We will pray for him.

Misty said...

He has been in my prayers daily as well as your whole family. I don't doubt he had angels carrying him down. Surviving a fall like that especially given his age is miraculous! I wish him a speedy recovery and my love to you and your family.

nikki said...

Oh my goodness! How scary. It sounds like there will be a painful road to recovery but I am happy to hear that he wasn't injured worse.