Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day 2012

Election day holds so much anticipation!
We have been enjoying the process immensely at our house!
We have watched debates together (primary, presidential and vice-presidential).
I don't care for the sparring, fighting and name calling that are prevalent in politics---
but I do love the enthusiasm for country and freedom.
I love when ideas are shared and encouraged that promote growth and optimism in our country.

Ellie has been learning a lot in fifth grade about elections.
I have been surprised at her interest level.
Last week she participated in a math competition.
After it was over she commented---"I was so nervous today about my math competition.  I can't imagine if I was running for president I would be too nervous to sleep."

On our way to church on Sunday she mentioned something her teacher taught about voting.
"Did you know you could vote for all republican or all democrat when you vote?"  I responded that I did...but haven't ever done that. She continued, "I don't think anybody would vote all democrat."  I asked her why..."Who would vote for Joe Biden?"  Poor Joe.  She must not have been impressed with him in the VP debates...I promise I am not slandering any candidates to my children.

It has been a great opportunity to remind them that we respect and value the opinions of others---especially when they differ from their own.  I have made a conscious effort to share my opinion (especially when they ask) but then ask them their opinion.  I have made it clear to them (I know they are young...but I will keep saying it) that their opinions are safe here and I expect them to respect the opinions of others (whether they are political...or as trivial as BYU vs. UT).  Ellie mentioned a friend of hers was hoping President Obama would win re-election.  I asked her what she liked about him and she didn't know.  Most of the class expressed a different opinion and she didn't want to put her on the spot.  Yesterday they talked again and her friend shared with her, "My family supports President Obama because my sister and parents weren't born here and they might have to go back if President Obama isn't president."  I was glad that Ellie had another issue to think about...a real concern that brings a different perspective from my own.

I hope that our girls will always hold a love of country, a feeling a patriotism and a duty to vote that Danny and I share.  Tonight we will be huddled around the tv as a family holding our breath...crossing our fingers...and saying a little prayer as we watch the election day excitement around the country.  Our hope is that Mitt Romney will be the 45th President of the United States of America.  Regardless of the outcome we will be celebrating the gift of democracy.  Happy election day!

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