Sunday, November 4, 2012

family pictures: 2012

We went out to Antelope Island for family pictures...
with the hopes of having pictures for a Christmas card.
I am grateful to have Christmas cards for a motivation to get this done at least once a year!

I will be completely honest...
these pictures give me a sense of serenity---
but as I reflect back it was a lot more frustration than serenity!

My friend Jenny and I had decided to take each others pictures to avoid timers, tripods and self-timers!
Their family was fabulous and being with them was the highlight of our adventure!
Unfortunately, half way through the photo shoot my camera batteries were dying faster than I could switch them.
My girls went straight into the water as soon as I suggested walking in that direction.
Sophie had to go to the bathroom once she hit the water.
In the midst of my camera/dying batteries distraction I dismissed it.
She didn't make it back to the car dry....
in fact, once the sun went down she was freezing...
wet from the water and her accident...
refusing to walk...
and our friend Tom rescued us and carried her back to the car while I carried my gear.
(I should have traded him!)
He is a SAINT!
And I am SO grateful for these pictures...
and these memories!
Thank goodness for good friends!

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