Sunday, May 20, 2012

up & up you go...

For Kate's birthday (almost a year ago) Mike and Annie gave her a butterfly kit.  It started getting cold before I got around to ordering the caterpillars so we decided to wait for spring.  The caterpillars arrived via mail and Kate was on cloud nine!  The five little creatures have lived on her dresser and she has watched and cared over them for weeks.  Yesterday the first one "hatched." Today the rest followed.  She decided to release them into our garden this evening.  They were reluctant to leave their first home.  A few of them even perched on her finger before taking flight.  We went back outside a few hours later and one was on our front steps.  She was so delighted!!!!!!  Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Annie!  She learned so much and it brought her so much joy!

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