Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

It was a mother's day to remember.  Danny and the girls surprised me with the gift that I wanted (an iPad) which I was sure I wasn't getting...because Danny told me I wasn't getting it...and I believed him.  He took the girls early in the week to buy my gift.  They were all so careful not to say too much because they were so excited about the surprise!  They also made breakfast for me that morning.  But really...what I treasure most...were the sweet handwritten notes from them.  A few excerpts-

Danny-  "I was just talking to Kate and I asked her how she got so sweet and lovely and she said 'cause of my mom.'  How true this is."

Ellie-  (Ellie wrote her card @ school in english and spanish...the spanish version is my favorite)  "Querida Mama:  Gracias por ser mi mama.  Te amo.  Gracias por comprarme ropa, dar me de comer, y ser buena conmigo.  Te amo porque siempre eres buena y generosa."   The translation:  "Dear Mom, Thank you for being my mom.  I love you.  Thank you for buying my clothes, feeding me, and being nice.  I love that you are always nice and generous."

Kate-  "Dear Mommy, I like the way you treat us.  I hope I grow up like you.  p.s.  Can you chek (check) my tempetur (temperature). love Kate"  (Kate was fighting a cold this week.)

Sophie-  two cards...with sweet hand drawn pictures that both said, "I love u mom.  Sophie"

How did I get so lucky????????

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Charla Anne said...

I agree...handmade cards and love notes are the best. I love what Kate wrote. That is the sweetest!