Sunday, May 13, 2012

"I am glad you taught me..."

Arizona, SUMMER 1976

On Mother's Day I reminded the girls that we would be seeing Nana that day and that she would love a card.  We had a bit of running around to do before-during-after church.  The girls were on their own.  They each had a hand made card when it was time to get in the car for Sunday dinner- with no help or direction from me.   After we finished dinner they found their cards and handed them to Nana.  My mom asked,  "Did you read this?"  I hadn't.  She handed it to me with a smile.  This is what it said-

"Dear Nana,  When could you do a puzel (puzzle)?  I am glad you toght (taught) my mom well so I could have a good live (life)."

She signed it-

To: Nana
From: Kate

Along with hand drawn flower might have been one of the sweetest cards I have ever read. I realized I should have taken the time on Sunday to write my own card...


Thank you Mom for being one of the first people to teach me how to love.
Thank you for finding fun in small ways.
Thank you for taking care of all of my needs.  

When I think of learning to read, sew, do dishes, enjoy sunshine, cook, iron, attend church, swim, celebrate holidays, serve a neighbor---I think of you.  Some of these things you taught me through instruction---but most of them were by watching your example.  Thank you for that.

I love you.
Happy Mother's Day.

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