Friday, April 27, 2012



We loaded the car and headed down I-15 for a spring break adventure!
Our wonderful friends (the Lowe's) invited us to join them at their family cabin for a few days during spring break.  They suggested stopping at Bryce Canyon for a few days at the beginning of the trip!  We were in!  We had so much fun.

It is amazing to see the majestic vistas of that beautiful place.
We enjoyed so many gorgeous spots in Utah!

Some highlights:
hiking down and back up the loop at Bryce
(My girls each had a camera in their hands.  I gave them a quick aperture lesson and they LOVED it!
hiking Calf Creek
(the waterfall at the end was amazing...and I didn't bring my camera...sigh...)
catching lizards at the cabin!
exploring the abandoned house
gathering for meals
rides on the bull dozer!
movies each night
Cathedral Valley
Glass Mountain

Family time away from phones, work, and computers...especially when spending our days outdoors is my favorite way to spend a week!  Being with good friends made it that much better!!!


Shauna said...

I say this every year...that we should go visit this part of our beautiful state. I'm going! What a wonderful Spring Break!!

Connie Miller said...