Wednesday, April 11, 2012

gleaming hearts

I bought our first packets of seeds, for planting this season, almost a month ago.  A few of the cooler climate plants would have been perfect to plant in March--but we were going to be out of town for spring break---therefore the tender plants would have had little care.  We had to wait.  Sophie had been with me and asked over an over again... "can we plant the garden today!?" in the sweetest-voice-filled- with was really hard to say "not yet."

We are now home from our trip (I will share pictures soon)---and the day started out warm and beautiful.  I gathered the seeds for early planting (can be planted before the final frost).  I grabbed gardening gloves for Sophie and I (even though I NEVER keep them on).  As Sophie tried hers on she exclaimed triumphantly "I got them on by myself!!!!!!!"  (without doubling up any fingers!)  Boy was she excited!!!

We planted:
3 varieties of lettuce
2 colors of carrots (did you know about purple carrots!?)
bush beans
sugar snap peas

We weeded a little (why do the deer not eat any weeds!?  it kills me!) and watered a little more.  Sophie grabbed a bucket from the sandbox and wanted to water her "gleaming hearts" we bought yesterday.  When we were at the nursery looking at them yesterday I had pointed them out and called them "bleeding hearts."  We decided to buy another one for the side of the house.  I didn't know until today that she heard "gleaming" instead of "bleeding."  I wont tell her now---gleaming hearts is so much sweeter.

Rain is now falling on our new seeds.  We will be watching them closely- crossing our fingers that the deer don't notice them at all.


Connie Miller said...

So sweet -- I love "gleaming" as well. Hope they all come up soon.

Shauna said...

What a sweet story! Can't wait to read your blog post on what you cooked out of your garden!!!!