Saturday, March 17, 2012

stage fright


I was nervous for her, I always feel nervous when they step up in front to play a solo.  Kate had her recital last night.  We were talking on the way there.   Kate was unsure of a few formalities (introduction mainly).  I said, "I am sure you wont be first.  You can watch what the other kids are doing and follow their lead.  She relaxed a bit.  We sat close to the front and were handed the program.  First sweet Kate.  Her eyes opened wide.  There would be no one going before her.  I verified what I had suspected...there will be a program...she didn't have to introduce herself or her piece.

As she sat in front of the audience and waited for the accompanist my nervousness faded completely away (she knew her song very well) and hers had just begun.  She started out perfectly and then looking around a bit, lost her place, and then got right back on track.  I was so happy with her effort.  It is scary playing in front of people you don't know...and distracting.  I am grateful my girls have accepted those opportunities, even when they aren't particularly happy about them.

After the recital we went out for frozen custard and took it to Sharon and Jason's (our fellow recital attendees)!  They told us all about their trip to Hawaii...and how they will take care of the girls so Danny and I can go....someday  :)  We tried to talk Kate into letting Sharon pull out her front is nearly sideways!

When I tucked Kate into bed last night we were talking about her recital.  She was glad she played "but my hands were shaking!"  It is funny that Ellie's nervousness for performing hit this exact age too.   The advice we offered Kate--  take a deep breath (me) and look over everybody's head (Ellie).  Federation is next week...and just for back up, in case our advice doesn't cut it...Kate has decided to play her songs over and over a couple times a day-on top of her normal practice.  No matter what happens, she will be just fine.

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Misty said...

Carin, you are an amazing mom and I love reading your posts. I love how you keep it real and honest and inspirational. You have a gift to inspire and uplift those around you and I am grateful to know you and your darling, sweet family!