Sunday, March 4, 2012

ten years old

The highlight of Ellie's birthday (for me) was our shopping excursion.  I told the girls I would take them "bookstore" shopping for their birthdays this year.  Ellie and I went out Saturday.  It was so fun hanging out and shopping together.  Now that she is ten our time together has transitioned from me worrying about the little details of her well being (like what is necessary for younger children) to being supportive, listening, counsel giving friend.  I really enjoy just being together...especially in a bookstore.

I surprised Ellie by calling her friend that she has known the very longest- Grace.  They have been playmates since Ellie was six months old.  She and her mom were excited to meet us.  As we walked into the bookstore---there they were...SURPRISE!  We all browsed and visited and browsed.  The girls picked out a bookThe Giver, for both of them--- and a stuffed animal (a reminder that for as grown up as they sometimes act---they are still little girls---which makes me happy).  Ellie also picked out a new doodle book---they LOVE those books!  We had cupcakes there and then the girls wanted to go to lunch at Spaghetti Factory.   It was one of my very favorite afternoons.  I think it was for Ellie too!

Happy birthday Ellie!
Love you xoxo


Tebbs Family said...

What a FUN birthday excursion! (Much more meaningful than a party...) Sounds like a fun tradition to continue as your relationship changes/develops and conversation DEFINITELY matures each year!

Connie Miller said...

Beautiful Ellie! Love your celebration.

Shauna said...

What a fun and unique way to spend a birthday! I bet she was so surprised to see her friend there!!! Soon she will be in YW!!!

Bob Miller said...

Always a pleasure being around the girls (:)