Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer day

what i loved about today:
waking up with not one thing scheduled on our calendar
(i don't remember ever hearing before and i need to read again...and again)
waking up to an overcast day to inspire cleaning and reading
while my girls were sleeping in i shopped this sale...
(then during "checkout" realized everything was an additional 30% off + free shipping!!!)
my girls wanting waffles for breakfast...
so they found Bisquick in the pantry...
improvised when they were short on the mix...
and then decided on their own to add fresh strawberries to their batter!
they (mainly Ellie) did all of this on their own!!!
(it was a proud moment for me)
everybody working in their workbooks
(a first for this summer)
 cleaning out bookshelves and packing away treasures for the girls when they are older
left over smothered bean burritos & corn on the cob for lunch
a phone call for Sophie...a friend wanting to play!
(those play-date phone calls are always for her sisters...she was over the moon!)
Ellie reading for AN HOUR on the couch...of her own free will
(thank you Sister's Grimm Series!)
Danny coming home after a long day of work...with a sigh..."it feels good to be home"
dinner on the deck
(breaded tilapia, homemade yogurt dill sauce, rosemary-paprika potato fries, steamed spinach)
ice cream for dessert
practice guitar...i can almost play this!!!
(the strum is killing me...i seriously have NO RHYTHM!)
a jaunt in the neighborhood making new friends!
choosing this before bed---instead of the news


Misty said...

I am so dying for a day with nothing scheduled. I am not sure how I let my summer fill up with so much stuff. Thanks for the great reminder with that conference talk and for the book idea!

Alison said...

That sounds like a PERFECT day! I wish you MANY more this summer.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

the perfect day.
your image is so beautiful!

you can play the guitar? what can't you do, my dear?

ps i just bought something from the jcrew sale...darn you and your wonderful links ;)

Shauna said...

Your day sounds HEAVENLY!