Monday, July 18, 2011

family reunion

We gathered for her...
from OH, NY, CO, IA, AZ, TX & UT
June 24th-27th

She is our Aunt Dot (great-aunt for me)
It was a celebration of her 90th birthday!

She flew in from Ohio...after golfing nine holes.
I want to be just like her in so many ways.

She mentioned during one of our conversations during the reunion--
that we are all a bit more agile and fit than her regular companions.
I asked her the secret of her youth, agility and longevity...

Her secret:  no stress.

She was a child's psychologist for a school district.
She has spent her life doing the things she enjoys (including her work).
She has always been able to provide for herself.
She doesn't let little things bother her.
She spends a portion of every day helping others.
She is very witty.
She is a beautiful letter writer.
...and she had no kids of her own = no stress :)

She has most anything she needs or wants
so I was happy that we could compile a book of pictures and memories to surprise her!
She loved it.

We love you Aunt Dot.
Her only request:  keep gathering.
I know we will.

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