Friday, June 10, 2011

Enjoying Arizona

My sister Dede and I wanted to attend our Aunt Bonnie's funeral. We piled 3 kids each in her car and drove. Other than one of mine getting carsick, the ride down was uneventful and fun!

Our first day here was even better! Thanks to my sister in law, Annie, we had plenty of fun activities to do!!! The weather is a perfect 100 degrees (heavenly)! To top it off it was my nephew Reagan's birthday!!! To celebrate we:

Toured Krispy Kremes:

Visited Makutu Island (a 3+ story indoor playground):

Made chocolate pizzas at a chocolate factory:

Finished the night off by watching the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the drive-in. It's funny, I don't remember going to the drive-in since I was a girl, living in AZ with the cousins we have come down to see. We need to go more often. We had SO much fun!!!

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Tebbs Family said...

What FUN activities!!! Chocolate pizza? Why haven't I thought of that?! When I stopped by to give your shirt to Danny he seemed very lonely without all of his girls. And Charlie couldn't seem to be petted enough... you need to take your boys with you next time!

Susan said...

Fun! I have never been to a drive in movie.
I had to do a double take of that pic of Sophie licking her fingers....looks so much like Ellie when she was that age!

sherri said...

Wish I was there...especially at the Krispy Kreme tour...and also the Chocolate pizza making...

robin said...

Reagan's shirt is my favorite and made me laugh!