Saturday, February 19, 2011

We treasure her~

Last weekend we had a family party after Robert and Whitney's open house.   Michel was our official d.j.  Grandma was standing off to the side, leaning on her cane.  "Shoop" by Salt and Peppa came on and Grandma was dancing!  She was so cute...I could hardly stand it.  Just before that she was on the ice skating rink, in her wheel chair with her great granddaughters behind her---giving her a ride.  She was grinning from ear to ear!  I will never forget it.  A few other things about her I love~

she loves....
making doll clothes
going to parties
collecting beautiful things
going anywhere...she's always ready
Mimi's Cafe
Blossom (her dog)
her kids (grand kids)
sleepovers with Quincy (a great-granddaughter)
giving gifts
shopping at Gardner Village

I think of her when I see:
baskets of gold (flower)
black-eyed susans (the first flower she gave me from her garden to plant in mine)
fruit trees
any doll
Shirley Temple movies
onions growing in a vegetable garden
books on flowers, art or church history
a movie in the theater
ribbon & lace
vintage doll clothes

Love you Grandma!!!!!!! Want to go to a movie tonight!!!!????

p.s.  I asked Sophie what grandma loves the most...her immediate response, "Us!" 

images taken August 2008


Tebbs Family said...

Isn't it great our kids can KNOW their grandparents. I only knew one of mine and feel a bit cheated. So glad my Nana lived for 98 years so I had a relationship with her. And how wonderful that Sophie knows her grandma loves her!!! Priceless...

Robd said...

Oh I love my sweet grandma too! She was so fun to be with at our party, and always is for that matter. I am always surprised how easy she is and how much she puts up with. Dancing to Salt 'n Pepper will forever be a favorite memory of mine.