Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Chrly by Kate..."


I got a dog.  He
was cut and funny
and plafle.  we stel
have him.  we watid
my dad to bild him
a dawg haws.  but He
nevr did It.

Above is an essay written by Kate in her first grade school class.  She is really good about going to school.  She does well when she is there.  But her heart, and sometimes mind, are elsewhere...

Kate loves to be home.  She loves everything to do with being here.
Her ideal day would be:  
sleeping in
a leisurely (one hour) breakfast
playing in her room
getting dressed in sweats
grabbing a book and curling up in a reading chair (Ivy & Bean are her favorite lately)
after lunch (homemade mac & cheese)
she would play with her dolls...
and then her sisters
dinner at home
a movie night on the couch

I think she takes after her mom :)

the end


Tebbs Family said...

I love it!!! Maybe the dawg haws will be built this summer??? It's nice to have one child that's a homebody... (hopefully she'll be the one that wants to visit the most once she's moved out too!)

Tebbs Family said...

I love it!!! Maybe the dawg haws can be built this summer??? And it's always great to have one homebody (so at least one child will return often after they move out...)

Whitney said...

sounds like an ideal day to me too...a fellow homebody.

Connie Miller said...

Chrly doesn't need a dog house - he has yours!! That was so cute -- and I think we should all adopt our favorite home days.

Annie Miller said...

Oh my gosh they are both so cute. Love it!

peewee said...

Kate and I are soul mates!