Friday, February 25, 2011

violin in your hands

Dear Sophie,

You were two years old, riding in the back of the car.  Your sisters were asking you what instrument you wanted to learn.  Your immediate answer was, "I'm going to play the violin when I am four."  I was surprised to hear you say that.  The only exposure you had of the violin was on Little Einsteins.  I thought you would surely out grow that idea and stick to an instrument we have at the house (piano or guitar).  Well, you didn't.  You said it anytime instruments were brought up.  You mentioned it to friends---as one of your topics to strike up a conversation with bigger kids in our car.

I have to admit...I wasn't terribly excited about it.  Violin played well is BEAUTIFUL...but I had heard enough bad violin...I assumed that good violin wouldn't come from your violin very quickly. :)  I finally asked a friend who was really familiar with violin.  She recommended a wonderful teacher...and here we are---playing violin.

I didn't know that my learning to play with you was part of the Suzuki method.  You know what?  I really enjoy it.  I love playing with you.  I love going to your private and group lessons.  I love it when you want to play without being asked.  You had friends over this week---and you got out your violin to play for brought a big smile to my face.  I love it when you want to practice.  You learned your very first song last week "the monkey song."  After you learned something that had been hard for earned a reward (Squinky).  You danced around the house and shouted with glee (@ the top of your lungs) "This is the best day ever!!!!!!!!"

This hasn't been easy, but anything worthwhile rarely is.  That is one of my favorite things about learning to play an instrument.  It teaches you over and over again that you can do hard things...and when you work hard at them...they become easy things.  Thank you for being on this journey with me.

I love you~


Tebbs Family said...

I am SO glad she loves it and can't wait to hear her play!!! Do they have violin magazine you can send these incredible photos to??? She's beautiful and string instruments are the best!

Connie Miller said...

Oh my gosh -- she's so beautiful. What a wonderful thing to love music at such an early age. Wonderful of you to encourage it!

Bob Miller said...

How blessed are we to have all of our talented, and beautiful grand kids.

Shauna Rae said...

That is hard to believe that a 4-year old can play the violin! Congratulations Sophie! Will you play for me when I come to visit?

nikki said...

That is the tiniest violin I have ever seen! So cute. Let me know when she is ready to put on a recital :)

sherri said...

All your images are just so inspiring lately. I love stopping by here. Love the violin, and that she chose it and stuck with it!