Monday, October 20, 2014

VW Transporter

Danny was able to resurrect his 1970 VW Transporter (a.k.a. VW bus truck) this summer.
Danny and Grandpa Davis used to drive through the orchard and fill this same truck up with peaches to the brim and take them to the farmers market.  He always wanted to have a truck like this as his own some day and then when he turned 16 Gramp and Gram surprised him with it.  He did a few things to fit it up back then and started driving it but not too many weeks after the transmission went out and he decided to park it for a bit.  About 10 years ago Gram fixed the transmission and had it painted and did some interior repairs.  About 2 years ago Papa had some engine work done to it by Gordon Gunn.  This whole time it sat next to the rock shop house under a Costco car tent and then after Gram passed away it started to live in her garage.  Papa was finally convinced to let it come back to it's 16 year old owner after 25 years of either sitting or being worked on. "Every time I drive it it brings back the great memories of growing up on the farm with Gramp and Gram." Danny

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