Thursday, October 9, 2014

someday they might want to know why...

I sat through 3 music lessons this week and we were not prepared.  The teachers were great and retaught much of what they taught them the previous week.  There was no guilt and I didn't recognize any frustration from their instructors, but I knew that we could do so much better.   Sophie smiled and giggled through the whole lesson- of the three she was the most prepared.  Kate and Ellie both approached their lessons with confidence and really were completely unphased by the mistakes they were making.  I take notes at their lessons and make sure they get there every week.  Combined there should be approximately 2.5 hours a day of practice between the three of them every day.  If I am not sitting there not much gets done.  They breeze through their practice checklists like I speed through the grocery store, never even glancing at my list.  BUT if I do sit with all three of them...starting right after school...I would be helping with practice until 6:30 every night.  

Frequently I wonder why I even do this.  Why do I spend a hefty amount of money (the amount of a decent car payment!) every month toward music lessons?  Why have I encouraged all three of my girls to pick an instrument to learn...when it requires this much time and effort...not just from them but from me.

Then I get glimpses of what makes it all worth it...

like Sophie strumming and singing her heart she and I played  The Best Day by American Authors.  (She was pretty happy with herself!)  Or the opportunity Kate has to attend a cello festival at a nearby University this weekend---where she will be surrounded by people who have worked so hard to be masters in their skill.  That influence is beneficial regardless of what she decides to do in her life.  Or when Ellie spent at least a half an hour telling me about recent junior high adventures that she wouldn't have told me had I not been by her side for an hour of practice.  (They will talk and talk and talk and talk to delay sight reading exercises.)

I can't do it every day---but I have made an increased effort this week.  Not only has their music improved...but our needing each other has made being a family that much greater.

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Tebbs Family said...

Beautiful post... and it is SO worth the time and effort! (coming from a "former" cellist who played all through elementary, jr. high, high school and college BUT should get her dusty cello out again before she turns 50!!)