Sunday, July 6, 2014

a friend

We met when I was 14.  I had just moved to Petaluma.  I didn't know anyone.  It was the summer before our first year of high school.  We met at church.  Attending the same church was almost all we had in common.  She was tall and I was short.  She was a gifted pianist and musician (still is) and I could make a mean batch of brownies from a mix.  She was an excellent student, and I unfortunately was very unmotivated academically.  We came from different financial backgrounds too.  As different as we were, she was always kind and always there.  She moved away our junior year.  She returned briefly our senior year.  I remember her sitting in the middle of the congregation at my farewell before I left for Argentina.  Since that moment we have corresponded through letters and emails.  When we decided to go to Oregon on vacation I emailed her, hoping she lived close enough that we could see each other.  She drove two hours and we met in Astoria.  It felt like we hadn't been separated for over twenty years.  She has two beautiful boys that she adores.  I am so grateful to have her as a life long friend.  I hope we see each other again before we let another 20 years pass.

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