Tuesday, July 29, 2014


It was just he and I enjoying a quiet dinner alone.   The green beans at Sapa were as good as we remembered and we tried their pork dumplings...that were amazing!  As we ate Danny asked me my favorite memory over the last 19 years.  How could I possibly pick just one!?  I asked him, and he knew right away, "the moment we became parents."  Having three daughters did change everything.  

It only seemed fitting that we celebrate with them tonight too.  When we returned home they had made a "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD!" poster.  We ate ice cream  and lit sparklers together.  These past 19 years have not been perfect...but they have been oh so good.  Here's to many more.


Tebbs Family said...

Sounds like you celebrated perfectly--and you're like me, whenever I can include the kids in the moment, I do. AMAZING couple and BEAUTIFUL family. Can't wait to see which paths your girls take throughout the next 19 years :) Happy Anniversary!

Ashley Kate said...

Happy Anniversary Carin! You have been such an inspirational mother and wife. So blessed to have "met" you! :)